2014 UERPC Board of Directors

2014 UERPC Board of Directors

  *Executive Board Members

Allamakee County

 *Larry Schellhammer
 12/31/15 cid@mchsi.com
  Kay Zimmerman
 12/31/14 kay@fmsb4me.com
  Jane Regan
 12/31/15 jregan@leschenskyins.com
  Mary Koopman
 12/31/16 koopmans@centurytel.net

Clayton County

  *Ron McCartney
 12/31/14 rmccartney@claytoncountyia.gov
   Larry Gibbs
 12/31/15 lgibbs@claytoncountyia.gov
   Kay Vorwald
 12/31/15 sincerelyyours@neitel.net
   Roger Thomas
 12/31/16 rrthomas@alpinecom.net
   Darla Kelchen
 12/31/14 ccdg@alpinecom.net

Fayette County

  *Vicki Rowland
 12/31/16 vrowland@co.fayette.ia.us
  *Leon Griebenow
 12/31/15 leongia@gmail.com
   Paul Ryan
 12/31/16 None
   Robert Belden
 12/31/15 rabbel1@yahoo.com
   Peg Sherrets
 12/31/14 jakeandpeggy@gmail.com
   Roger Arthur 12/31/14 rcarthur@acrec.com


Howard County

  *Janet McGovern   12/31/14 jmcgovern@co.howard.ia.us
  *Mark Bohle   12/31/16 mnbohle@gmail.com
   Alison Holten   12/31/15 holtena@nicc.edu

Winneshiek County

   Charles Frana   12/31/15cfrana@q.com
   Les Askelson
   Dennis Karlsbroten   12/31/16dennis.karlsbroten@co.winneshiek.ia.us
  *Mark Kuhn   12/31/14abstca@acegroup.cc
   Nina Taylor   12/31/14ntaylor70@hotmail.com


News Headlines

UERPC October Newsletter

Posted: Mon, October 20, 2014

Some of the headlines you can read about this month:

  • Skilled Iowa Initiative Update
  • Employee Spotlight - Ashley Goltz
  • Decorah Named 2014 All-Star Community
  • IowaWorks Did You Know....
  • Christensen represents UERPC in Pittsburgh
  • Iowa Food Hub Benefits from USDA Grant for Local Foods Promotion
  • All Board!
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UERPC September Newsletter

Posted: Mon, September 15, 2014

Some of the headlines you can read about this month:

  • NE IA Rural Development Awards
  • Employee Spotlight-Jenna Siebrecht
  • NE IA City Clerk Association Meeting
  • Revolving Loan Funds Available to Businesses
  • Have You Seen EARL?
  • IowaWorks Did You Know....
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UERPC August Newsletter

Posted: Mon, August 18, 2014

Some of the headlines you can read about this month:

  • Updated LMI Figures
  • Employee Spotlight-Steven Benne
  • IowaWorks-Did You Know?
  • ALICE Training
  • Finance 101 Training
  • YCC Training Held in Washington D.C.
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Pavement Data Collection Vans

Posted: Wed, July 23, 2014
Last spring, the Iowa DOT expanded its pavement data collection activities to include all paved roads in the state.  Previously, data was collected only on Federal-aid routes.  The Iowa DOT is paying for this data collection as part of its efforts to promote asset management among all jurisdictions responsible for roads.  

As a result of the increased scope of data collection, we've received calls and questions from several communities about the data collection vans.  The purpose of this note is to alert you that you may observe these vans in your community.  The vans are white with an  ARAN (Automatic Road Analyzer) logo on the side.

If you would like more information about pavement data collection, the Iowa Pavement Management Program (IPMP) web site is a good resource.  The page below, which is advertising a free workshop on pavement data collection and uses, shows a picture of what the ARAN vans look like, as well as the areas of the state where pavement data collection is currently in-progress.
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